Magpies strut the large lawn.
Cocky and menacing they boast about
Under cloud scudding skies.
Looking for spoil, the gang disperses
Each with a glint in his eye.

We’re the boys! Don’t mess with us!
Especially you poets, watch out!
We gouge and gobble up
Any good eyes we see lying around.

One swaggers purposefully in my direction,
His tail straight out behind him,
Underlining his black and white confidence.

But then comes a gust, another and more,
And magpie menace looks far less sure.
The wind takes apart his tail,
Ccccurls it up and makes it flail.

What do I see! Can it be true!
Mr. Menace has become a cockatoo
From a threat he is changed
To a comic deranged.
Just a movement of air his feathers did bend
And gone the proud stare of our black and white friend.

Magpies strut but jubilee!
Wait for the wind and you will see
Menace become a mockery.


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