I dip my cup into the water which flows where I am and thus capture the babble and sweetness that is now.

Two Places at Once

Some people have cows in their rivers
Others have hippos in their lakes
But whatever it takes
It takes a noise like that
To make one stop and step
From pastoral to equatorial
From heavy african nights
To european summer at last.

Who’s Looking at Who?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
Am I wrong or am I right?
Is my beauty out of sight?
Am I short or am I tall?
Can’t you tell me anything at all?
Am I thin or am I wide?
Am I humble or pure pride?
Me I see in thee
But can not tell who are we.

Storm Over a Chocolate Factory

Thunder thunders louder than machines.
And though the might of man
May make and shape
Many marvels
From chocolate bars to supersonic jets,
Thunder thunders louder than machines


Morning Mood

I drove for miles

The world was empty

The road was lonely

And glad of my company.

It streached and yawned grey

Under the grey and early sky.

From its edge a brown bunny

Hopped into the hedge

Saying to my surprise

You are wrong my friend

There is life after breakfast.


Looking Out of an Open Doorway

Seagulls gliding in light snow

Over suburbs red brick low.

Grey and white against grey and white.

So silent that noise

of traffic and human voice

Becomes quietly unreal

Beauty and warmth surround those

Who sit in heavenly places

And suburbs, seagulls, snow and silence

Glow with the magic of reality.