End of Day Play

Ran my dog around the field
The gloom illumed by crescent moon

And the light left behind
By the sunken sun
But really he ran me around
Around in an arc he streaked
Fur flying with furiously fleet feet
Speeding him to a sudden stop
To see where was his man
That curious creature with only two legs
And oh so ponderous.

I leapt and ran my run at him
He crouched, muscles at the ready
Every hair tensed for the moment
He fixed my clumping shape
Closing the space between us


Up and away he streaked
Away from the lessening light
Left by the sunken sun
Toward the cresent moon night
Above the dipping down field

He twisted he turned skitted and skudded
As though I really was snapping and snarling
At his flying flapping ears
He arced around as though flung
By the bond between us
Then flumped down  still  to wait for more.

But the fun like the day was done
And the sunken sun had taken all its light
And the crescent moon hung like a smile
Over the trotting dog
And his homeward heading man.