Like a true Brit and countryboy I’ll start by talking about the weather. Walking with the dog before lunch the sky was a pure blue dome over us and crossing the open fields the wind had enough of a cold edge to it to make the thought of getting back to the house an encouragement to our legs. Some of the fields were freshly ploughed, some had closepacked bright green lines running into the distance but the trees and bushes along the sides of the roads were brown, without signs of life, seemingly dormant.

Long walks are great for getting things into perspective. We are in the midst of, as everyone keeps telling everyone else, crisis and worldshaking events. The House of Cards, otherwise know as the world’s financial system is falling apart around us and fat cats like rats are running for cover squeaking as they go, ‘It’s not my fault.’ So many commentators and those they pump for answers are sounding so surprised. Oh dear how did it happen? We know the system wasn’t perfect but still all these years, with occasional adustments it’s been doing us fine. We milked the cows, sheared the sheep, pressed the grapes and killed a few chicken to give us the quality of life we so richly deserve, but now what? Now What? This is the question that hangs over us all.

You may not be a rat or a cat, maybe just a run of the mill mouse or a chicken scratching for a living but we all have been and still are (as it comes tumbling down) living in this house of cards. Many of course, are sweating cobs trying to keep the show on the road, trying get back approximately to where we were before. Some of these ‘reconstructers’ are giving their all out of genuine concern for the greater good and a sincere belief that if we get back to approximately ‘as was’ all will be well. Others are working overtime just to save their skins and lifestyles.

But whatever, day by day, event by event, the last days senario is being set up. More than ever those who desire a world where goodness and truth rule must seek courage and wisdom to make the right decisions in their everyday lives and resist being herded by fear and corraled by greed. The fields are still being ploughed, grass is still green and growing (even in winter) and The One who brings the brown tree into gorgeous leaf still rules over all and is compassionate and mercyful to those who trust in Him. You’ve lost your house? your money? your job? I’m sorry, it’s tough, gut wrenching and you’re going to have to go through it. May you get through and back into the sunshine.

It will help if you go forward knowing this – Trust in God is the only effective antidote to depression, be it personal or global.